How To Play


Nonograms are a puzzle game where the goal is to fill in or cross out squares on a grid to reveal a hidden picture. Each row and column of the grid has numbers that indicate the lengths of the consecutive blocks of filled-in squares in that line. For example, a clue of "4 3" means there are sets of four and three filled squares, with at least one blank square between them.

The player uses these clues to deduce which squares to fill in and which to leave blank, gradually uncovering the hidden image. It's a game of logic and deduction, requiring no guesswork if approached methodically.

Picross Gameplay

See the Nonograms Article on Wikipedia for a more complete explanation in many languages.

Using a controller

Xbox Controller

A Button: Used for filling in squares.

B Button: Used for filling in Xes.

Dpad: Moves the cursor on the grid.

A+B+Down: Resets the game.